Happy Mothers’ Day!

Often we categorise mothers as Working Moms or Stay-at-Home Moms, but I want to think that being a “full-time Mom” transcends their choice to stay at home or work outside the home. For me and my brothers, we’ve witnessed a bit of both.

Happy Mother's Day!

Growing up, we’ve always seen our Mom as a successful business woman, working very hard to support our growing family, while also being a hands-on full-time Mom, always making herself available for us.

I don’t know how she managed to do it, and even until now I still wonder how she does it, wearing different hats, sometimes all at the same time. She’s a mother, wife, boss, CEO, business partner, discipler, daughter, sister, friend. I get dizzy just thinking about all the roles she has to fill! And I realize as I grow older that mothers possess a special kind of power that allows them to be who they have to be, and do what they have to do: They possess love.

And okay, maybe some superhero powers:

Super Mom

Kidding aside, my Mom is my superhero, my role model, the best, most amazing mother in the whole wide world.

And I know you, whoever you are reading this post, feel the same way about your Mom.

So go ahead, tell her you love her. Tell her she’s your hero, that you wouldn’t be who you are or where you are today if not for her. Give her a break from the kitchen, cook for her, or if you don’t cook as well as she does, take her and the whole family to her favorite restaurant and pay the bill yourself. Clean the house, buy her a gift, write her a love letter.

You probably feel it’s corny to say “I love you, Mom” on an ordinary day, but take this day as an opportunity to be a little extra appreciative of her role in your life. It’s Mother’s Day, after all, and all the mothers in the world deserve to feel loved and acknowledged every single day, but most especially today.

As for us here at Josiah’s Catering, we would like to give a little shout out to The Woman who has played the role of “Mother” to everyone in this company, in big and small ways:

Happy Mother's Day, JDV!

You’re an inspiration to us, Mom! You are God’s blessing, and we will forever be grateful to Him for letting us have you in our lives. Happy Mothers Day! We love you!

And to all of our Mommy friends and colleagues out there, we hope you’re feeling extra loved this week. Enjoy it, and know that you’re special. Happy Mothers Day from Josiah’s Catering!

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