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A single event can rise and fall based on how thorough and detailed the event planning and coordination was handled, and you don’t want to be too late in the preparations to realize that you should have hired an event planner to begin with. Because of this, we’ve built relationships with some of the best and the most talented Wedding and Event Coordinators in the industry, and one of them whom we highly recommend is Jhune Salud.

Featured: Jhune Salud

Why we love working with Jhune

We’ve been working with Jhune since 2008, and we have not had a single problem with him. That’s saying a lot, since we all know that a lot of issues can arise in the events industry, with all the pressure and the various types of people you have to deal with. Even though we now consider him a friend, Jhune Salud remains very professional when it comes to work, and as far as we can tell, a Jhune Salud event is always exceptional. He makes sure that everything is accomplished satisfactorily while also investing in the lives of the couples and the people he works with.

Jhune Salud Wedding Coordination Services

Jhune with couple Jessa & Clero, April 2014

Our most recent collaboration with Jhune was Clero & Jessa’s wedding, and we’ve already said a handful about how special that event was to us, and how beautiful the wedding turned out to be. Jhune worked with the couple closely and paid attention to what’s important to them, coordinating with all the suppliers to make sure that their dream wedding was realized. He was on top of the planning and preparations, right up to the wedding day itself where he made sure every thing was executed beautifully.

What makes Jhune Salud stand out

Jhune is a fun person with lots of brilliant (and fun!) ideas. Events by Jhune are never a bore, and he makes even the preparations fun and surprising. He makes sure to create something that guests will remember about the couple forever.

Jessa & Clero's Dance Number

One of the highlights of Jessa & Clero’s wedding was the couple’s dance number as they entered the reception hall. You guessed it, Jhune Salud was behind that super fun dance number, especially since no one has seen the groom (a Pastor!) dance publicly like that before. Jhune has a knack for making couples do what they didn’t know they could do, while also enjoying the process and bringing out the uniqueness of their personalities.

Very personal and reliable

Jhune is very reliable and hard-working, often giving you beyond what you pay him for. He sets meetings with the suppliers even before the couple asks for it. He sends progress reports to his clients, making sure to keep them on loop and everything they talked about is met. We love that Jhune pays the couple a visit the day before the wedding to run the schedule and program with them. In the process, he develops great relationships with his clients as well as suppliers, even long after the wedding or the event is over.

Jhune Salud with Make up Artist Imelyn Sanchez

Jhune at work, with Makeup Artist Imelyn Sanchez, also at Jessa & Clero’s Wedding

Jhune is like a one-stop shop. Name your requirements and your budget, and he’ll make sure your event happens. “There is always a solution, even to the smallest of problems,” he would say, and true to his word, he makes sure that every little detail is taken care of and every problem that could potentially arise has a solution.

A humble man, through and through

Probably something that Josiah’s will thank him forever is his heart and willingness to help without asking for anything in return. He’s not the seeking-for-the-lime-light kind of person, a humble man indeed. He doesn’t make anything about himself. He never takes the credit for the success of every event, rather, he brings the spotlight to the couple and the suppliers for making it a success.

We may have gotten carried away with this post, but that’s Jhune Salud for us, and possibly for everyone else who had the privilege of working with him. Words are just not enough. Thanks Jhune! Josiah’s Catering loves you!

To know more about Jhune Salud’s work and services, visit his website here.

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