How about a Game of Thrones Wedding?

Let’s forget about the gruesome deaths for a moment and talk about how glorious Game of Thrones weddings are. You bet, only GoT fanatics will understand and will dare to pull off a GoT-themed wedding, but it can definitely work.

So when couples Peter and Jill dared to make it happen, I, personally, was more than thrilled. (No need to tell you how avid a fan I am, but you get the idea.) More than just a trend, I thought picking Game of Thrones as the theme of your wedding was courageous and just plain brilliant!

Game of Thrones Wedding Theme

Game of Thrones Wedding Theme

(Above Photos: Sunday Morning Studios)

Think red drapes, lots of gold, a medieval-inspired backdrop and elaborate floral arrangements. Here’s a little something to make you think of Game of Thrones (without the deaths!) and royal weddings this weekend:







I have no further words. I think I’m going to let the photographs speak this time. ;)

Whether you’re getting married soon or not, we hope this inspires you to think out-of-the-box! Have a great weekend!

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