I Will Be Still, Know You are God

Be still

Our main office had been greatly affected by typhoon Glenda and the Metro Manila wide blackout starting Wednesday. Our generators can only last so long, and to date, electricity has not yet been fully restored in the country. And while the sun is now shining brightly as I type this, I’m sure we’ve all the news that another tropical depression, Henry, is building up and may hit the land within the next 24 hours.

And then this morning we woke up to the sad news of another Malaysian Airlines tragedy. Three Filipinos were reportedly on board the plane, among the 295 civilian passengers, none of whom survived.

It’s easy to live in fear in a cruel world like this one we live in, and today we want to skip the usual programming here at the Josiah blog, have a moment of silence, and remind ourselves to be still. God is sovereign. He knows what He’s doing. He is in control. And rather than panic and live in fear, we all have to be still and know that He is God.

I hope that whatever challenges you’re going through today you will be reminded of this simple truth.

Be still and know. 

God bless you today, and we’ll resume our regular posts next week!

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