Real Weddings: Jhigs and Roan—Grade School Classmates turned High School Sweet Hearts turned Husband and Wife

If Roan and Jhigs’ love story was a movie, it would begin when they were in grade school; classmates who barely noticed each other. They became classmates again in high school, but this time, they started to notice each other’s smiles, the smell of Roan’s perfume, the way Jhigs’ makes her laugh. These two go way back, and for two people who know each other practically their whole lives, it wasn’t a surprise to their family and friends that Roan and Jhigs would eventually tie the knot.



Preparing for their wedding was a challenge, having to do it remotely. At one point in their wedding preparations, both of them had to go abroad for work. “Our preparation became more challenging when both of us were assigned abroad and none of us are in the Philippines to settle things, gladly we already have set the plans then and hired a coordinator to back us up and relay all the progress to us remotely. So even though we are not around, we still feel like we are being hands-on.”



They settled with a wedding motif that’s a combination of blue, green and purple, inspired by the beautiful colors of a peacock. “We did some internet researches until we saw a beautiful Peacock Inspired motif where Blue, Green and Purple were used. We have heard of some comments that in today’s wedding, beaded works and 3 colors in wedding may not look elegant and so we became worried if we can still achieve the elegance that we wanted. But we trusted our Couturier and other suppliers. They did a really good job to make it classy. When we saw everything set in place together that day we realized that regardless of how it looks like for others “It’s us” our color and our personality and we are happy to make the 3 color decision for our motif.”








They gave us a really good feedback too! “It was our original option to get Josiah’s as our Caterer for our wedding, that is by hearing feedbacks from friends that Josiah’s is serving delicious food and  is known for providing quality service. Luckily when we went to one of their tasting venue, a very supportive Ms. Onie Bargola was open to hear our options and choices about the venue setup, she relayed all the suggestions and was given us good package. We were happy that it suited our budget. Of course, we still tried to shop around and look at other caterers for alternatives but honestly, it’s not only the package that we considered in choosing Josiah’s but really their customer service, the way they attended and heared our concerns. We won’t lie that we are probably few of their demanding customers but Ms. Onie was able to address our concerns remotely as both of us are working abroad and we are only the wedding preparations through contacting suppliers over phone. We didn’t fail choosing Josiah’s. On our wedding day they have showed really good professional service, and as we expect, family and friends are commending us for having remarkably delicious food on the day.”

Check out some of the delectable dishes that Josiah’s Catering served on their wedding:

Asked what advise to give other future brides, they had these wise words to say:

“As most couple would do in first instance in planning for the big day, we did the same thing: 1) Imagining how we would want our big day would look like, 2) Analyzing our budget, 3) Listing down what we need and 4) Attending a Bridal Fair!

Note that going to a Bridal Fair will overwhelm you with so many supplier options and ideas and sometimes will tend you to not focus on what you need and want for your big day. Yes there are good deals that you may get from bridal fairs but keep in mind the quality of service that you’ll get so it pays to get feedback and do some research before closing any deal.

Another is “Don’t sweat on the small stuff”, Prioritize things and stick to it! Even though it seems that there is a mountain of things to do, everything will be fine as long you’ve got the right and experienced team to work with you. There are even things that will go  unexpectedly well during the preparation but take time to think of alternatives. Get a trusted coordinator to help you work on things especially when you’re physically there to settle it. It may be an extra cost to hire one but for us it’s worth it! and it’s like we’ve bought our peace of mind!”


And there you have it, future brides and grooms. Take note. :)

Thank you Jhigs and Roan for sharing us your story, and for your kind and honest feedback. We’re more than honored to have served you and to have been a small part of your great love story! God bless you both!


Wedding suppliers: Wedding Coordinator: Ms. Zyndee Co / Wedding Invitations:Uniprint / Wedding Photographer and Videographer: Rodel Recio Fotograpix, Ian Cruz Video / Flowers:Tropical Blooms Florist / Event Styling and Catering: Josiah’s Catering / Gown and Suit: Edward Teng, Ziggy Savella / Bridesmaids and Flower Girls Dresses: Edward Teng

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