Wedding Throwback: Jasper & Darlene’s French Market Inspired Wedding

Hello, this is Darlene, and today is a special day for me and Jasper. Two years ago, we took a leap of faith and, surrounded by our family and loved ones, declared our love for each other before the Lord. Life has never been the same since.

And today we want to make a special throwback to remember that special day, and how God has made all things beautiful in His sweet time.




To see a wedding in the eyes of the bride is something truly special. “Wedding is for the bride (and the honeymoon is for the groom!)” is what we always hear. We, brides, go through sleepless nights preparing for our wedding, making sure that every detail is perfect.

And, as The Day comes, all eyes are on us as we walk down the isle. It’s the one day in the world when we feel most beautiful. As for me, not only did our make-up artist Madge Lejano do quite an amazing job bringing out my bridal beauty, it was more so in the way that my now-husband Jasper looked at me that day that made me feel even more beautiful. ;)

We have our own fairy tale dreams growing up, and when the day finally happens, we can only wish that everything is just how we dreamed it to be.

Looking back, our wedding two years ago surely was everything I dreamed it would be, and more. (By the way, I loved being a Veluz bride! My wedding dress was just.. surreal.)






Our hotel of choice, Hotel Celeste, a beautiful boutique hotel in Makati, lends itself well to our French-inspired wedding theme. Elegant and classic, with a fusion of vintage and modern, we couldn’t have picked a better place to take pre-wedding pictorials.

Jasper and I both grew up in church, and we had no second thoughts that we both wanted our wedding to take place in a church. Seeing the Church of the Holy Trinity for the first time, we just knew that that was the place. It has the old-school church pews that we love, high ceilings, a long aisle, air conditioning, plus, an emblem of the cross which symbolizes the reason why we’re capable of loving in the first place—Jesus Christ.






It was a beautiful day to get married indeed! And we’re grateful for our loved ones and friends who devoted that day for us. As if the heavens decided to pour out blessings to our new life as a married couple, it rained on our wedding day. It was August, after all, and we knew the big probability of rain on that day, so we made sure to prepare for it!

Our wedding reception took place at The Blue Leaf Pavilions, and scheduling our date way ahead of time allowed us to block off practically the entire venue for our 500-guest banquet. The grounds of Blue Leaf was transformed into a chic French Market that’s, hands-down, stunning! The thought of it is still making me smile until now.





Nothing feels more ‘Paris’ than an 10-feet Eiffel Tower that was placed in the cocktail area. The function halls of The Blue Leaf Pavilion was transformed to give everyone a French dining experience. White laces and an array of french blooms made the place even more dreamy. 

And, as expected from every Josiah wedding, our guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet of French cuisine that, shall I say, is truly “Josiah’s”.




JD 02



And, the icing on the cake, was the French Patisserie inspired dessert section that my sister-in-law, Fresh, lovingly prepared for us. Not only was the setup swoon-worthy, the dessert choices were just.. divine. Our dessert corner was definitely one of the highlights of the night!




I was about to end right here, but I want to make a little shout out to the woman who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure our dreams for our wedding were realized.

A little trivia. The day before our wedding anniversary was her birthday. Looking back now, Jasper and I can only be amazed at how selflessly she’s given up her birthday that year to take the pressure and the stress of our wedding preparations on her shoulder. Our wedding would never have been so beautiful if not for her.

So, to our darling sister, Fresh, thank you for your love and support. We love you, you know we do. May the Lord bless and grant the desires of your heart as you delight in Him. Happy birthday!


It’s been non-stop double-celebration around here the past two days. Fresh’s birthday yesterday and our wedding anniversary today. And well, you know how it’s like when the Versoza family throws a party—there’s always an overflow of delicious food! ;)

All praises and glory to God for all the blessings, for the gift of love and family, and for another year added to Fresh’s life, and to our life, Jasper and I, as a couple. To Him be the glory forever.


Our heart-felt appreciation to the people who made our wedding possible. Two years later, your labor of love is still in our thoughts. We love you guys!

Wedding suppliers: Preparations: Hotel Celeste / Ceremony: Holy Trinity Church / Reception: The Blue Leaf Pavillon / Wedding Planner: Teena Barretto Events / Wedding Gown: VeluzHair & Make-up: Madge Lejano and Steve PagsanjanPhotographer: John Mateos Ong of Imagine Nation PhotographyVideographer: Threelogy Wedding Cake: Judy Uson, The Cake ArtistEvent Stylist: Eve & Co and Teddy ManuelBouquets: Badang RuedaStrings: Stradavarius StringsBand: Composed BandHost: Gelli VictorDJ: DJ McCoyLights, Sounds & Staging: Sensitivity Lights & SoundsSound System Reinforcement for the Church: JAV Lights & SoundsLED Wall: Digital Fusion ProductionsTents: Tent World

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