The Glass Garden: A Lush, Grecian-Inspired Wedding Destination at the Heart of the City // Featured Supplier

In styling weddings and corporate events, having the right venue is like getting half the work done. For the past 20 years in the business, Josiah’s Catering has been honored to be accredited and associated with some of the best venues in the country. One of these is The Glass Garden, a highly coveted destination for weddings, debuts, birthdays and corporate events, located in Pasig City.

The Glass Garden

The Glass Garden features English-inspired architecture, lush landscapes, high ceilings, and fully-air conditioned garden venues. Glass gardens are ideal venues for brides and grooms who are after the garden ambiance, minus the hassles of an outdoor location such as unpredictable weather conditions. Especially during the rainy season. Another unique feature of The Glass Garden is its Grecian-inspired staircase which is perfect for photo shoots and grand entrances.

The Glass Garden Events Venue

The Glass Garden Events Venue

The Glass Garden Events Venue

The Glass Garden Events Venue

The Glass Garden Events Venue

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Josiah’s Catering have been an accredited partner at The Glass Garden for more than 5 years now. Through the years, we’ve seen how they managed to build their roster of clients and sustain good partnerships among their partners. Some of the memorable collaborations we had with them are the following:


This Jack Daniels Themed Wedding

This Music Themed Wedding

This Sweet Summer Wedding

What we love about Glass Garden

Keen to details. Before the start of each event, account executives make sure that they check the event’s details from the—smallest to the most important detail. They never fail in this area. It is a standard operating procedure for them every time.

Strict Implementation of Rules, Policies and Procedures. Although this may sound negative for some people, we see it as a positive culture they have applied, adapted and carried out since the beginning, which in the long run, beneficial to clients, partners, and the establishment itself.

Hands-on Owners. Just like in our own company, the owners themselves are very hands on in business operations and management. You will see them do on the spot checks around the caterer’s area, making sure that policies on cleanliness are being met. And because of the unique features of the venue, they making sure that the plants are nurtured and well taken care of.

Integrity. One thing we most like about Glass Garden is their transparency. They are very open to their transactions and everything is always written in Black and White. And this is one of the most important things in protecting the partnership.


To know more about The Glass Garden, visit their official website at If you’re interested to book The Glass Garden for your wedding or other corporate events, feel free to contact us also for our packages with them.

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