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Christmas Inspired Wedding


Just about 10 days left to the month of November, and we enter the last month of the year. December is a busy busy month. It’s the time of the year that is dedicated to family reunions, Christmas parties, year-ender events, not to mention gift-shopping and out-of-town trips. Because of this, many soon-to-weds avoid getting married in December, not to add to the already stressful Christmas season.

However, many brides and grooms brave the Holiday rush and choose to get married in this most wonderful time of the year. And you can’t blame them. Christmas weddings are beautiful. And here are some really special reasons why you should consider getting married in December.

First off, there are unique wedding themes and motifs that you can only pull off during the holidays. Here are some of them.

How do you like to have your wedding picture taken beside a huge Christmas tree?



Or walk down a staircase adorned with poinsettias?


Source: Hoffer Photography

Little Christmas trees as table centerpiece? Yes, please!


Source: MK Photography

Care to get married under the mistletoe?



Or maybe even have your first dance under (fake) snow!

Source: Our very own Winter Wonderland Wedding

Deck your wedding cake with boughs of holly?

Christmas Wedding Cake

Source: Christmas Ward Photography

Don in classic holiday reds!

Christmas Wedding Motif


Or elegant silver and blue.


Source: The Wedding Bee

Or this lovely shade of holiday green.



The possibilities are endless! I’m sure these ideas make you want to brave the holiday stress too and get married in this most wonderful time of the year.

Besides, don’t you always wanted an excuse to place “MARRIED CHRISTMAS” on your holiday greeting cards?

Married Christmas!

Source: Etsy

Thought so. ;)

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