Wedding Motif: Purple, Blush, and Green (3/7)


You can tell a lot of things about a couple by the color motif and theme they pick for their wedding. For 7 days, we’ll be featuring some beautiful color palettes that we hope will inspire you, soon-to-weds, in choosing the colors you want to surround yourself with on your wedding day. :)

Last hurrahs for the pantone color of the year (2014)!

This color combination is such a beauty, and something that we rarely see in weddings. Purple is a strong, overwhelming color, and you can totally go over-the-top with purple if you don’t do it right. Combining it with a light, feminine color such as blush, balances out the strong purple hues, and the addition of succulents gives the color palette even more depth.

Seriously, why don’t we combine purple and blush more often? We should!

This setup is in collaboration with Dylan Gozum of The Mango Farm, and well, you know you can never go wrong with a Dylan Gozum setup.







Very elegant and refreshing to the eyes, yes? Photography by Jaja Samaniego.

How about you? What colors do you want to surround yourself with on your wedding day?

This is part of a 7-day series on wedding motifs. You can find the entire series here.

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