Wedding Motif: Shades of Green (2/7)


You can tell a lot of things about a couple by the colors and motif they pick for their wedding. For the next 7 days, we’ll be featuring some beautiful color palettes that we hope will inspire you, soon-to-weds, in choosing the colors you want to surround yourself with on your wedding day. :)

Single-color wedding motif

Back in the day, brides and grooms would pick just one color to be their wedding motif. These days, wedding motifs are combinations of 2-3 colors (sometimes even more), an evidence of the ever evolving styles and trends in the wedding industry. Once in a while, however, we come across couples who still prefer the old-fashioned single-color motif for their wedding.

Such is the case with Kweenne and Ike, who picked green to represent their love for each other, a perfect symbolism for growth and new beginnings. And we couldn’t complain at all! Green, after all, is Josiah’s color.




We gladly obliged and styled the reception area accordingly, using green apples as table centerpieces, together with lots of lush greens and white flowers. The color motif lent itself well to their chosen glass-garden venue (Fernbrook Gardens), and we couldn’t have been more thrilled! The wedding was very Josiah’s indeed.




Photographs by Ruffa and Mike, grabbed from The Bridal Pod.

Dare to choose a single color motif for your wedding? If so, what color is it? :)

This is part of a 7-day series on wedding motifs. You can find the entire series here.

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