Wedding Motif: Black & Gold.. and Blush! (7/7)


You can tell a lot of things about a couple by the color motif and theme they pick for their wedding.This is the last installment for our Wedding Motif series, where we featured some beautiful color palettes that we hope will inspire you, soon-to-weds, in choosing the colors you want to surround yourself with on your wedding day. 

Rustic meets elegant

You already know we, here at Josiah’s, love black and gold. Combine the elegance of black and gold to the soft, feminine and rustic feel of blush and moss green, and you get yourself this beautiful wedding that’s truly a stunner.

This is probably our most overused images on this blog, but can we help it if this is such a beauty? We love this wedding because the bride dared to agree on a theme that the groom picked, and that boldness showed also in their color motif, combining colors that are almost stark contrasts of each other.





So what colors do you want to surround yourself with on your wedding day? Have you made a decision yet? :)This 7-day series on wedding motifs, over and out!

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