6 Ways To Express Your Love The Filipino Way

We all know how we, Filipinos, are so proud of everything that we have hence we always express them no matter how diversed we are in terms of culture, principles, race, and language. This August, fall in love the Filipino way by highlighting the different dialects in the Philippines. Proudly say your vows with us!


Tagalog “Mahal kita”. Every Filipino knows that it makes a really big difference when vows are said in our own language. So why not scribble these words on a plate so you’d feel that every is from the heart?



 Cebuano “Nahigugma Ko Nimo”. The Philippines is composed of more than 7000 islands, a heartfelt I love u can be said in many ways at a beach set up wedding to have a very personal touch on your special day.



Ilocano “Ay-Ayaten Ka”. The Northern part of the country has its own way to express their love and because there’s nothing more heartwarming than saying your vows using your own language, how about greet your visitors on your invitation in Ilocano?



Ilonggo “Ginahigugma Kita”. An exchange of vows with your language will make you feel deeply in love because sometimes, love is a language only some of us can speak.




Kapampangan “Kaluguran Da Ka”. A good heart has pride for its language. Express pure love on your wedding day and let love be felt using the Kapampangan language to thank your guests for coming on your special day.




Chavakano “Ta Ama Yo Contigo”. It always takes two to tango. Have an unforgettable wedding celebration where you can sing and dance with Chavakano songs.



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