10 Classic Josiah’s Catering Must Have Dishes for your Reception

When in doubt, serve more food! One of main things that makes a wedding unforgettable is when your guests talks about that dish served on your wedding that made them come back for seconds. Its not just about the dress or the venue, food is definetely key to a successful wedding day. Spice up your reception with these classic go to wedding must have dishes from Josiah Catering:





#10 Assorted Cakes and Pastries. The more the merrier especially when it comes to having dessert. Fill your event with sweetness and have an assortment of chocolate on bon-bons with salted caramel peanut filling, peach and strawberry mousse cake, raspberry choux, and ube choux. Always end your party with a sweet smile from everyone’s faces once they tasted these delicious freshly baked confections.







#9 Penne with Seafood and Mango Cream Sauce. It’s not a party without pasta! Why not swim deep into delicious flavors with Seafood Penne Pasta on your most awaited event? Taste an al dente Penne pasta with a creamy, sweet and salty mix of seafood, mangoes, and cream sauce.







#8 Spaghetti with Seafood and Sun dried Tomato Pesto. A special spaghetti for a very special occasion. Surprise your guests with exciting flavors and bring out the spaghetti with a rich mixture of seafood, oven-dried tomatoes, and herbs in olive oil on your party.








#7 Southwestern Pork Barbecue Stew. Want a flavor party in your mouth? Make a mark on your event and serve a pot stew of pork shoulders (or ribs) in a Southwestern-style barbecue sauce. Show your guests how great you are when choosing your party dishes!








#6 Sliced US Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce. Craving for something Western? Serve the Sliced US Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce. Let your guests devour a roasted tender beef cut into thin slices and served with thick mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes on the side. Yum, right?









#5 Sicilian Beef Stew. Bring your guests’ taste buds to Italy and give them a hearty beef ragout (beef stew) slow-cooked in thick fresh herbs, olives, tomatoes, and chili sauce.








#4 Sun dried Tomato and Cream Cheese Stuffed Roast Chicken. Who doesn’t love cheese on their dish, right? Start a party on your guests’ plates with the Sliced Roasted Chicken Roullade filled with cream cheese and sun dried tomatoes in cream sauce. Hmmm…so cheesy!







#3 Marinated Roast Pork Belly with Carolina Barbecue Sauce. Make your party unforgettable by serving an out of this world taste. The Slow-roasted Pork Belly cut into thin slices glazed with Carolina Barbecue Sauce will surely hit a bull’s eye on your guests’ palate.







#2 Pan-Seared Cobbler with Crispy Garlic¬†with¬†Lemon Butter Sauce. Memories are shared just like the pan-fried seasoned fresh fish fillet cuts served with butter sauce and hint of lemons while topped with crispy garlic bits. There’s no other way to make a party better than sharing good food on special occasions!







#1 Baked Pink Salmon with Mango Butter Sauce. Jump start your party with an oven-baked seasoned sliced Pink Salmon partnered with a mixture of pureed ripe mangoes and butter. What better way to celebrate your wedding day when you have a flavorful fish dish on your plate!



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