Creative Wedding Invitations

Make a good first impression by showcasing your wedding invitation. Set the tone of your wedding theme inspired by the 2017 wedding trends. Go for simple, natural, creative, and playful invitation designs.


FONT. Simple and fancy calligraphy styles are a wedding fave for 2017. The look and feel is focused more on DIY-inspired letters and words rather than the traditional face fonts and the distracting colors and images.





COLOR. Subtle backgrounds are more of a trend. Here are the top trending colors for 2017 that culd help you plan your color motifs and style for your wedding. Green is for relax or refreshing feeling. Pink and red are for romance or love. While blue and yellow are for simplicity and elegance.




STYLE. The styles for this year vary for those who like it simple and those who want it decorative. If you’re looking for simple, go for the minimalist and monochromatic style. If you prefer decorative style, go for the foil, watercolor, and floral, or tropical feel for your wedding invitations.



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