Non-traditional Engagement Rings

Be out of the box and standout! Why not have a non-traditional engagement ring that would match your relationship personality. Here are some unique engagement ring gemstones that would make you want to say YES!


The sapphire gemstone has been a favorite of royals for many years for its precious qualities and symbolism such as wisdom, virtue, good fortune, and holiness for royals. When one proposes with a sapphire ring, it means faithfulness and sincerity. Sapphire is perfect for a woman who loves socializing and who is motivated by fun.
A black onyx is a gemstone for self-mastery and self-protection. It is also believed to reflect negative energies and emotions away from the wearer so the onyx engagement ring is an ideal choice. Onyx enhances powerful vibration of strength both in personality and the body.
Moonstones symbolize new beginnings and good luck where love, fertility, and general wellbeing are involved. A woman represents fluidity and beauty when she wears a moonstone. Just like the wearer, this gemstone has love and emotions are its strengths.
Also known as the Queen of Gems, opal symbolizes fidelity, assurance and commitment. It displays an array of brilliant rainbow effects all mixed up together. One who wears this is a humanitarian and patron. Most of all, a woman who has this gemstone likes to be positive in life.
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