Christening Favor Ideas

Celebrate the life of your new bundle of joy! Thank your guests for attending your baby’s christening with these creative and unique giveaways. Here are some christening favor ideas to make your event perfect.


New Beginnings
Giving out cacti as favors on a christening celebrates life even after the party has ended. This idea announces that a new beginning is set for another life creation. Most plants are green which is also the color of the heart chakra. This also means a long life for an infant just like a succulent’s life.



A Sweet Life

Just as children love candies, walking out from a room with a bag of sweets can also make your guests smile. This┬ásymbolizes a sweet life for an infant after christening. As for the people in your baby’s christening, they won’t just enjoy a party but take home a part of it too.



For Goodness and Happiness

Handing out white and yellow baby shoes as favors marks the first little steps that an infant would take after christening. The color white symbolizes life, joy, happiness, and purity while yellow symbolize goodness, happiness, and brightness. Sometimes these colors are used together, like having yellow baby shoes with white shoelaces. Isn’t this the cutest little thing ever?



Be Blessed
Doves are calm, quiet, and elegant birds just like the life you want your baby to have. Though this kind of favor is mostly seen on weddings, you can also use dove on christenings because it symbolizes purity and peace which are perfect for the party’s theme.



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