Corporate Likes To Celebrate

JUST IN: Corporate-level parties are the best! Whether is suits or semi-casual wear, grow your network while having the time of your life in several celebrations within your company.


Meeting A Milestone. Every opportunity deserves a party! Business as always, moves from one stepping stone to another so a celebration is something to look forward to. It may be the 100th store opening or a golden anniversary. So lay the red carpet down and plan your company party as grand as the set ups you’ll have from Cobo Pavilion. Get your glam night by calling them at 775.9250 and 238.5019 or sending an email to .


Entertaining Events. Work hard, party harder! An informal time once in a while is not that bad when you’re throwing great table set ups with good food and extravagant decorations for a company. Dinner, private events, or holidays? These events should be celebrated in the most festive way. Know how to have one by shooting an email to or call 734.6480. Hanging Gardens Events Venue is a perfect fit for you!


Captivating Conventions. Turn boring to interesting. That’s how seminars and coferences should be! With great ambiance, food, and perfect plan, the hours spent on events like this will be as exciting as watching your favorite sports on television. So mark your calendars today to get your best-catered organization seminar by ringing The Blue Leaf Filipinas at 623.9188, 875.7550, 866.4039, 866.4044, and 866.4045 or sending them an email at


Laugh and Launch. It’s never a celebration without smiles and laughs. Big or small, companies like to make a buzz when they are launching a new product or service and of course this always calls for a party! Imagine well-known guests having dinner with quite an entertainment? That’s what Palazzo Verde can give you. For inquiries, call 843.4343 loc 2776, 710.8545, 710.8608, and 0917.8703838 or send an email to .

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