We Bake Your Favorite Cake

It’s always the cake that everyone awaits in a party! With colors, texture, and flavors, have the greatest time in the world digging in delectable and eye-pleasing cake ideas we have for you.


Crazy For Ombre.
Create a color gradient for a wonderful cake effect. Whether you like green, red, blue, or yellow, a cake can stand out by making any of these colors an ombre frosting or sponge cake. While rainbow cakes are also famous, ombre cakes are perfect for those who have color favorites and those who are fans of gradient effect. This cake idea is chic and can be used in any kind of celebration.



We Said Yes To Unfrosted.
Unfrosted side is the new hip cake! Some icing in between layers and on top will suffice your eyes and taste buds when you have a taste of unfrosted side cake. Because some people do not want to be overwhelmed by sweetness, they leave the side of the cake plain and just focus on what’s in between layers which can be fruits or other treats.



Fondant Is Elegant.
Fondant cakes are not just for fun! Most children want to have decorative cakes where they want to have their favorite cartoon, character, cars, dolls, bags, and many others with the use of fondant. On weddings and other festive events, fondant cakes are used to show elegance and extravagance by having huge layers with fine ornament designs in that usually come in black and white or pastel colors.



Ice Cream Dream.
You cannot have too much sweets in you life. Combining cake and ice cream can be the most sinful food in a party. Since everybody loves cake and ice cream, having them together in a dessert is such a wonderful thing especially when you’re having a good time with your friends and family.


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