Josiah’s Christmas Menu

Flavorful dishes on the table? that’s what the holidays is all about! Keep your tummies happy and your Christmas merry with these delectable food selections you can have from one of the best caterers in the country. See which one of our prepared Christmas menu is going on your table for your Christmas feast.


A Wonderful Christmas Stew-ry. Create new and beautiful memories this holiday season with tasteful food on your table. A party without pork is never a party so get your spoons and forks for the Southwestern Pork Barbecue Stew. Let your family’s taste buds savor a pot stew of pork shoulders (or ribs) in a Southwestern-style barbecue sauce. What better way to celebrate a festive day than having a feast of flavors in your mouth, right?



So Mushroom For Love. When it comes to food, there’s always room for roast beef! Nothing beats a Christmas celebration with Sliced US Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce for your fmily to share together. Let them devour a roasted tender beef cut into thin slices and served with thick mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes on the side. How about that for a family party this Christmas?



Have A Merry Cheese-mas. Who doesn’t love cheese on their dish? On Christmas Eve, a hassle-free food preparation is possible. Straight from one of the most trusted caterers in the country, the Sliced Roasted Chicken Roulade filled with cream cheese and sundried tomatoes in cream sauce will knock you off your hungry selves. Hmmm…so cheesy!



Always Butter When It’s Christmas. Crispy and buttery is your next great-tasting flavor combo! Just imagine a dinner with your family where the pan-fried seasoned fresh fish fillet cuts served with butter sauce and hint of lemons while topped with crispy garlic bits is on the table. That must be one dish for your cook book. A celebration like Christmas deserves a special dish to try.



Spaghetti Like It’s Hot. Who doesn’t like spaghetti? Young or old, every member of the family is always excited to have pasta on their Christmas celebration. With another take on this Filipino favorite, our dearest chefs can make you a spaghetti with a rich mixture of seafood, oven-dried tomatoes, and herbs in olive oil- the Spaghetti with Seafood and Sundried Tomato Pesto! A tasty and stress-free holidays for all of you!



Man-Go Loco For Seafood. Go for mango cream sauce in your pasta this year. A special kind of feast like Christmas only needs a great dish to feast on. Taste an al dente Penne pasta with a creamy, sweet and salty mix of seafood, mangoes, and cream sauce for your family gathering this holiday season. See what else is cooking in our kitchen by giving us call:


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