Josiah’s Party Planning List

Attention to detail makes party planning as easy as 1, 2, 3. From invitations to food options, being meticulous helps a lot in making an event a huge success. Whether you are working on your own or you have an organizer to help you, it is always better to have a check list and make sure to tick things off from that list to know that you are headed the right path to partying!



Location Is A Situation. Don’t go crazy planning a party! 😜 One of the first things you should always think about is identifying what kind of event you are throwing so you will know when you can hold it without thinking about your guests not being to come. The venue is also a vital part since you also have to consider how far it is from all the people coming to you event and how willing they are to travel if you chose to have a destination event. These details must be finalized ahead of time to make necessary to do’s in line with the whole plan.



Target A Nice Budget. A successful party is a well-planned one. 📝 While you are busy taking notes of what the program is going to be, first you must talk to your suppliers and organizers in order to lay down all costs that you have to pay for the event. Tick off your list room rental,food and beverage, equipment, speaker/emcee fees, and other expenses on your list before the big day. To make things easier, you can hire a whole group of supplier that can provide everything you need for your party to make it convenient and meet with only a few people.



Just One or Plus One? Collect and confirm your RSVPs. 👍 While you focus on party budget, invitation responses must also be updated all the time. There may be last minute back outs and plus ones so it is better to make adjustments or a contingency plan for mishaps not to happen like lack of food or beverages or having a cluttered event. Get your guests’ contact numbers as well to get in touch with them easily for changes that may happen.



On The Go Camera Crew. Final check a few days before the event is a must! ✓ The day itself can get very stressful but no need to panic when you hired organizers and camera crew to help you during the party itself. A documentation team is an event must have since everyone just wants to have a good time while eating, drinking, singing and dancing along with the music. You can also have the famous “same-day edit” video if you like so why not get all these things on your party list with one of the best caterers in the country? Us!


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