7 Questions You Can Ask Your Wedding Caterer Before You Book Them

When it comes to planning your wedding, not everything is a walk in the park. There will be days when  you enjoy everything about the process, but there can also be days where some aspects of planning are stressful and tiring. One of those aspects can be finding and communicating with your suppliers. But, don’t worry! We’re listing down some questions you can ask your caterer before you book them, to help make your planning a whole lot easier!

1. What are your packages?

Whether you already have a theme and budget in mind or not, it’s still ideal to know what your caterer offers. Who knows? Something you didn’t think you needed might come up, so don’t forget to keep an open mind.

2. What is included in your per-person pricing?

Whether you’re planning an intimate or grand celebration, it’s important to know what’s included in the available packages per head. Considering this option might be able to save you from the excess expenses as well.

3. Do you have partner venues?

Finding the perfect venue that meets your capacity and theme needs can be a headache. A partner venue can open doors for great deals with the help of your caterer, saving from booking dilemmas and going over budget.

4. Do you provide wedding cakes?

Asking your caterer if they can also provide your wedding cake can surely cut down the stress of looking for another supplier. Having this option will definitely be less hassle because of its convenience.

Partner Cake Supplier: Top Cakes

5. Do you specialize on certain cuisines?

Getting to know you caterer’s specialty cuisine (and even their special dishes!) gives you the room to narrow down your choices. This is especially helpful if your caterer has plenty of menu options to choose from. They can even help you create a well-balanced meal if you’re unsure of dish pairings.

6. Do you provide alcoholic beverages?

Having a caterer that provides this is a plus! Make this aspect of your planning easier by letting your caterer suggest the perfect food and drink pairings for your special day! Or you can also have a juice bar perfect for everyone!


7. Can you assist us with the event styling?

Hitting two needs with one supplier is definitely a steal! Asking your caterer can make planning easier by ensuring both your food station and the entire venue tie in seamlessly with your theme.

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