8 Food Stations from Josiah’s Catering That Your Guests Will Surely Love

From weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events, food stations have definitely taken flight, and have become an instant trend in the event planning scene. Having food stations for your celebration is an innovative way to entice your guests with a number of interactive food options they can explore. Aside from adding variety to any party, food stations are customizable, and with the help of your caterer, can be made to suit almost any theme. Here are our top food stations you can choose from to make your celebration an instant success.

Donut Wall Station

Besides being a treat for the eyes with its multi-colored and multi-flavored pieces, the donut wall can be customized with different sweet treats like caramel popcorn and pretzels—truly a sweet tooth’s paradise!

Ice Cream Cart

If you’re looking for a twist on the classic and unconventional ice cream flavors, then this sweet dessert station is for you! Our pastry chefs play with creativity when it comes to desserts, pairing sweet and tangy tastes that perfectly complement each other, creating amazing flavor and combinations.

Juice Bar

Here’s something that can absolutely fit any occasion! We offer different juice flavors like orange, grape, pineapple, and the crowd favorite—cucumber, which is well loved for its refreshing taste. P.S. – Having a juice bar can serve as the welcome drinks for your guests!

S’mores Bar

This food station is for all the kids at heart! It includes chocolate, graham crackers, and of course, the marshmallows! Your guests will surely have fun making their own s’mores, and eating the delectable gooey goodness!

Crêpe Station

Want to excite your guests’ palettes with various toppings? This food station has got you covered! This station includes different seasonal fruits, fruit jams, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup—all customizable to your taste.

Interactive Pasta Station

Looking for more than one pasta? No problem! You can opt to upgrade your pasta dishes by choosing our interactive pasta bar. You can choose from four kinds of pasta noodles and five kinds of sauces, not to mention this station is complete with toppings you and your guests can choose from.

Nachos Station

Here’s something new from our menu of exciting stations! This station includes nachos, complete with toppings, and of course our delicious melted cheese. If you’re looking for a reliable snack, then this is perfect for your after party munch!

Mongolian Barbeque Station

Couples and suppliers alike can’t get enough of this one-of-a-kind food station! Known to be a crowd-favorite, this D.I.Y. station offers stir fried toppings including meats, fresh vegetables, noodles, and sauce, all served piping-hot and ready to eat.

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