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Some may consider throwing a children’s party as a huge life milestone–and we couldn’t agree more. Logistics alone can get quite taxing, but it’s the fun and thrill in it that makes it all the more special. Planning children’s parties may entail different preparations too, especially since not all age-groups will require the same things. For instance, one to two year old birthday parties may require you to think about nap-time and finding time around it to not disrupt your children’s routine. Kids ages three and above are also when they begin to really understand the concept of parties, and it is only then that they appreciate the fun in planning their own.

Regardless of the age-group your kid may be in, we’re here to help guide you through a few tips and reminders to prepare for that epic Children’s party!

1) Involve your child in the planning

As much as possible, involve your child in the planning–it’s their party after all, right? A dinosaur party? A tea party? The options are endless. It’s best to ask them questions like, “What is your favorite show to watch?“, “Who is the character you love the most?”, “What activity or hobby do you enjoy doing the most?” Figuring out your child’s preference will help narrow down not only the theme, but decorations and activities as well. Josiah’s Catering may also help you make your dream party set-up come true as we’re now offering event styling services along with our catering!

2) Decide whom to invite and set the date

Do you need to invite the entire class, or will your child appreciate an intimate party with his/her best friends? Also, the number of guests will indicate what type of party it will be, and the preparations you need to do for it.

3) Think of what food to serve

Plated or buffet? Full meals or appetizers and pica-pica’s? Serve food and refreshments you know your kids will love, but also a menu that’s both filling and easy to serve. Always keep in mind the possibility of having guests with specific diets and allergies as well; have a back-up dish you know you’ll be able to serve to any guest! In fact, Josiah’s Catering can help you come up with dishes that everyone, most especially the kids, will surely enjoy! We also have fun food carts you can choose from if you’re looking for a more casual set-up. (Read more about them here!)


4) Get your kid to choose the entertainment

As we all know, kids need to be entertained and stay entertained, or else they can get quite restless. From jumping castles to magic shows, have entertainment and activities lined up. Also, asking your kid what kind of entertainment they want in their party will save you time and money so you don’t have to waste effort and savings on things they won’t appreciate. After all, this celebration is for them so their happiness and excitement is the number one priority!


5) Plan games for different age groups

Planning age-appropriate activities for your kid might not be the only thing you’ll need to plan for since its likely that there will be a mix of different age-groups invited. To avoid making any guest feel left out, make sure you’ve got a list of games and activities lined up that will surely be a novelty for all guests. And if you’re feeling a little extra, planning activities for the parents and other guests may be fun too! Relays are always a good idea!

6) Party favors!

For a truly memorable party, try to match the giveaways to the theme of the party. Wouldn’t it be nice for your guests to be able to take home a little bit of fun from the celebration? Perhaps a few sweets from Josiah’s Catering desserts? I’m sure we can come up with something!

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