4 Tips to Turn Your Debut into A Uniquely You Celebration

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Debuts are not only a special milestone in your life, but it’s also a time to show off your personality as a now-woman to your closest family and friends! Make your debut a truly memorable and “uniquely you” celebration with these four tips!

1. Pick a theme that’s uniquely “you”

This is a time to celebrate your “age of maturity”, so make it count and choose either a theme that shows off your unique self or a concept that you hold close to your heart. It could be based on your favorite series or reminiscent of your favorite place to travel to—whatever it is, just be sure that it embodies you. It’s a great thing Josiah’s Catering can style your debut to what YOU want!

2. Change up the classic “18 roses,” “18 candles,” and “18 treasures”

Instead of the traditional “18 roses”, change things up and opt for something different. The ideas are endless! You can choose to go with “18 poems”, “18 gifts”, or “18 wishes”. It can even be food-based if you want, like “18 cupcakes” or “18 dessert shots”, which we (as your caterer, of course!), can surely help you with!

3. Serve personalized desserts

Make the desserts you serve match your debut’s theme! If you’re the girly and pretty in pink type of gal, why not have pink glazed eclairs for your pink debut? If you’re the summer lover type, then have some tropical flavored, styled, or themed desserts! Besides sweet treats, you can also opt to bring in a few food carts–more food choices for everybody means happier bellies.

4. Wear an outfit that shows off your personality

Gowns and cocktail dresses are the usual ensembles when it comes to debuts, but if those don’t speak to you, then leave it out and go with whatever you feel most comfortable, confident, and stylish in! Remember, this celebration is truly a special milestone in your life, so dress to the chicest and feel “most you”!

5 Bring in the fun and games!

A party is not complete without the games, right? Bring in the fun and turn your debut into one memorable celebration with some activities to touch on everybody’s competitive streak. Some debut games you can play are: 1) How-Well-Do-You-Know-the-Debutant Challenge, 2) Scavenger Hunt, where you hide pieces of paper all around the party with different prizes written on them for the lucky guests to claim, and 3) Live Band Karaoke, where your guests perform a live singing session with the hired band and will be judged by a “panel of judges” aka by the rest of the guests–not only is this super fun, it’s instant entertainment for your party too!

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