5 Elements to Achieve a Truly Memorable Wedding for Both You and Your Guests

Planning your big day is definitely an exhilarating but stressful experience. Throughout the planning process, sometimes its difficult to stay focused on what’s really necessary for your party because there’s just so much that you can do! But fear not, we’re here to make sure you have your “wedding priorities” list to spare you from the unnecessary stress that comes when making *life-changing* decisions. It’s about sticking to the budget but maximizing the experience. Read about the five key elements we think you should prioritize to help you achieve a truly memorable wedding for both you and your guests!

1. Deliciously Memorable Dishes

There’s no doubt that food comes first for most couples’ wedding priority list. That’s because good food really does equal to happy guests. That’s why we, at Josiah’s Catering, are committed to serving only the best dishes for every wedding celebration to satisfy everybody’s taste buds and keep all bellies happy and filled. We offer different packages at very affordable prices to cater to the different needs of the couple. You also have two options to choose from: buffet style (with food carts available) or a plated menu. Make your wedding a delicious culinary experience with our wide array of dishes. You and your guests will surely be feeling happy and satisfied throughout the whole affair!

2. One-of-a-Kind Styling

The decorating and styling of the place has a huge effect on the aesthetic and the ambience of your wedding. Pick the theme that fits both you and your partner’s personalities—be it rustic, minimalist, or classic romantic, Josiah’s Catering will style your dream wedding based on what YOU want. We want to help translate your ideas and concepts into the most memorable day of your life! Plus, don’t you want to give your guests a lasting impression of your special day? Make them remember that wedding they attended with the most magical set-up once they set foot in the venue, or should we say, once they’ve stepped into the woods. (Read about our other themes here and here.)

3. An Equally Beautiful yet Accessible Venue

Convenience and accessibility are two important factors to consider when it comes to choosing your wedding venue. But also take into account the look and feel of the place. Does it fit your theme? Do you feel comfortable in it? Also, think about your number of guests and of course, the availability of the venue on your chosen wedding date.

4. Pre-reception Bites

The time between the ceremony and the reception is the time for your guests to converse, have a chit chat, and have some tasty hors d’oeuvre! Josiah’s Catering has elegant and mouth-watering cheese platters just for this. Our cheese platters are also perfect to pair with some wine and cocktails that’ll be served at your wedding.

5. Sweet Little Giveaways

Josiah’s Catering makes a variety of sweet treats that are perfect not only for your wedding desserts, but for your giveaways or favors as well! Let your guests take home a little bit of your wedding with a sweet little treat. They’re not only going to be really pretty to look at, but they’re really delicious too. This will surely give your guests a tasty remembrance of your wedding–It’s thoughtful and it’s delicious, what’s not to love?

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