10 Fun and Thoughtful Giveaway Ideas for Your Next Party

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your guests bring home a little takeaway souvenir from your celebration? Handing out party favors is also a sweet expression of your saying “thank you” to them for celebrating with you. So here are ten fun tokens you can give away for your next party!

1. Sweet treats

Macarons, cookies, brownies, eclairs, cupcakes, chocolates, donuts—the dessert ideas for your party giveaways are endless! So give your guests a sweet little something to take home. Josiah’s Catering has a lot of delectable treats to choose from, so make sure to check them out! And if you choose to have little dessert treats as your wedding favors, you can use this cute line to stick on them: “A sweet ending to a new beginning” A Josiah’s Best-seller? Our strawberry eclairs!

2. Mini champagne bottles

The celebration doesn’t have to end when your party ends! Hand out good-for-one bottles of champagne for your guests to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. A little bubbly is always a good idea.

3. Garden seeds

Giving away seeds in packets is a unique party favor idea. Just make sure you pick seeds that are easy-to-grow, since not all your guests might be expert planters! If you choose to have garden seeds as your wedding favors, you can use these witty lines to stick on the packets: “Grow love” or “Watch our love grow”

4. Handmade soap

It’s not only pretty, but it’s useful as well! Everybody uses soap, so it’s a practical giveaway idea. Wrap them up in cute packaging or if you’re the zero-waste type of person, just wrap them up in twine—it’s simple yet it gives off an elegant feel.

5. Coffee blend

To make your party favors feel more personalized, why not create your very own coffee blend for your guests to get a taste of? If you choose to have packed coffee as your wedding giveaways, you can use these cute lines to stick on the packaging: “Love is brewing” or “Thank you for bean-ing here”

6. Scented candles

To carry on a sense of zen and relaxation to your guests, scented candles might be the perfect giveaway. Mild, lovely scents like lavender and vanilla are great to make your guests remember the sweet happenings at your celebration. If you choose to have scented candles as your wedding favors, you can stick on “Light up our life” on the glass for a fun effect.

7. Personalized towels

Again, this is another practical and functional giveaway idea. To make it feel more personalized, you can print on the first letters of each of your guests’ names on the towels. Though this idea might be more ideal for intimate wedding with only a few close guests.

8. Potted herbs/Cacti

Having plants as giveaways give off a sense of a personalized feel, since it’s somehow like you’re sharing life, in the form of a plant, with your guests. It’s sweet and it’s thoughtful, plus it can add as an additional decor element for your guests’ homes.

9. Mints

Get all your guests feeling fresh with some mints! It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s actually useful. Add a witty line, like “Mint to be,” on the packaging, if ever you choose this for your wedding giveaway.

10. Honey in a bottle

For tea, for cooking, or for anything you fancy, honey is such a versatile ingredient, and it’s a great party giveaway idea too! Use cute bottles as containers, and if you choose to have honey as your wedding favors, you can use these sweet lines to stick on the bottles: “You sweeten up our life” or “Meant to bee” or “Love is sweet”

If you’re interested in exploring other food giveaway options, give us a call at 5-JOSIAH and we’re happy to discuss this further with you!

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