Should You Go for a Plated Menu or a Buffet Style for Your Wedding?

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It’s no surprise that one of the most important elements at any wedding is the food. Good food is a true recipe for a good time, don’t you agree? If you’re confused about whether you should go for a plated menu or a buffet style for your upcoming wedding, we’re here to help you weigh your options which hopefully will help you decide what’s more plausible for your wedding budget and style!

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  1. This way of serving dishes definitely gives off a more formal, elegant feel—making your guests’ experience at the wedding feel fancier.
  2. The wedding program (e.g. toasts, cake cutting, song performances, speeches) can actually go on without being disrupted and without your guests feeling distracted by other guests walking around to get more food, since everyone will just be seated as they eat.
  3. All your guests get their food at the same time. No one is kept waiting, so you’ll hopefully be free from “hangry” guests!


  1. Menu is limited to the dishes you have chosen. If you have any guests who are picky eaters or have any dietary restrictions, this can be a problem as they may not be able to eat everything and therefore not be able to fully enjoy too.
  2. This type of serving tends to cost more as well. If you’re looking to save, this may not be the most cost-effective option.



  1. This way of serving dishes is usually cheaper. Plus, you’ll not only have more menu variety, but food quantity as well.
  2. Your guests are free to get seconds and eat more of the dishes they enjoyed the most. You’re giving your guests the freedom to choose which food they want to try out, and how much of it they want.
  3. This also gives your guests a chance to mingle with each other, since they’ll be forced to get up and walk around to be able to get food.


  1. It can easily hassle guests as they have to walk back and forth to their seats in their formal attire, all while carrying their plates full of food.
  2. Long lines at the buffet table can leave guests “hangry.” Also, your guests won’t be able to eat all at the same time. Not everyone will have their attention as the program is running too since some will still be focused on eating.
  3. Self-serving means that dishes won’t be as eye-catching, beautiful to look at, and elegantly plated.
  4. Your venue might feel tighter than intended since guests are going to be moving around simultaneously.


So have you decided on which style of serving you prefer? Whether it’s the plated menu or the buffet, just remember that at the end of the day, it all depends on your overall budget, on how casual or formal you want your wedding to feel, and on how the majority of your guests will feel most comfortable with!

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