5 Ways to Plan a Fun-Filled and Memorable Engagement Party

Before the big day, there are a few more parties and festivities to plan—the engagement party being one of the major ones. You can look at the engagement celebration as the party that “seals the deal” of your coming wedding. So make it truly memorable, full of fun, and meaningful with these five simple ways!

1. Serve appetizers and cocktails

Start the party right by serving up some great tasting appetizers and cocktails. Having cocktails not only keeps guests’ bellies happy, it’s also a great conversation starter time for guests who haven’t gotten to know each other yet. Josiah’s Catering has a whole lot of finger foods and refreshing drinks to choose from, so get picking!

2. Come up with a video slideshow of your love story

It can be about the story of how the both of you met, the proposal story, or both. Keep things exciting and kilig-inducing for your guests by showing a video about it during the party. Hearing a love story is always nice, and we’re sure your guests would appreciate knowing yours.

3. Style and spruce up the venue

Decorating the place has a big effect on setting the mood and ambience of the celebration. So make sure to get a good event stylist to spruce up your party! Talk to your partner about the theme you’d like to go for, and let Josiah’s Catering translate your ideas and style the engagement party of your dreams.

4. Play “relationship games”

There are plenty of fun games out there you can plan for your party. There’s the “Who Is More Likely To” game that your guests can play together as a team per table. There’s also the “Who Knows The Couple Better” game that’ll touch on everybody’s competitive streak. You can even let the games be not about you as a couple, but for the married couples at the party instead—this will surely give everyone a great laugh and fun time! Examples of “married couple” games are “Longest Kiss” or “Who Knows Each Other Better”.

5. Ask a few loved ones to give a speech

To cap off your engagement party, it would be nice to have a close family or friend from both sides to give a speech for you and your partner. Well wishes, wise advice, or anything they can think of really, a heartfelt message is always a nice way to end any celebration.

If you need help kickstarting your planning, give us a call at 5-JOSIAH and we’d love to help you!

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