Who Are You Thankful For?

This month, be grateful for everything that you have. Whether these things are big or small, good or bad, each of them is a blessing you should be glad about.   The man behind a strong and intact family, your husband, is always there to have your back when you fall hard. Even through tough […]

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See You At My Debut!

First set up impression lasts! Make your debut one for the books with the best tables, chairs, and decorations you can ever find. Get some ideas for your special birthday here. Winter Wonderland. Be the Ice Princess in your own party. Turn your 18th birthday to a cold but heartwarming event when snowflakes fill the […]

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Mom’s Life Hacks

Hack life like a mom! We all know that there is no easy way to be a mother and just like those trending 1-minute videos about kitchen, home, or office tips. So here are some things that will surely help! Think and Talk Happy Everyday is never a struggle when you start your day with […]

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