It’s the Season to Get Married

Source: Just about 10 days left to the month of November, and we enter the last month of the year. December is a busy busy month. It’s the time of the year that is dedicated to family reunions, Christmas parties, year-ender events, not to mention gift-shopping and out-of-town trips. Because of this, many soon-to-weds avoid getting married in December, not to add to the already […]

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Real Weddings: Ed & Liz’s Mob-Style Starbucks Proposal, which Ends in this Beautiful Wedding

Edsel and Liz were college sweethearts who met in church, and whose love for each other was tested by time and distance when Ed had to live in Seattle, USA for over 2 years. Taking note of the funny coincidence that he lived in America’s coffee capital (Seattle), while his then-girlfriend was in the Philippine’s coffee capital (Batangas), Ed thought […]

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Real Weddings: For Alex and Louise, Love is Lovelier the Second Time Around, Indeed

Alex and Louise met back in college. They were blockmates, they became friends, and before their first year in college ended, they were already together. They were together for 8 years, after which they decided to break up. For 3 years they each had their own relationships, which also didn’t work. As they say, love is lovelier the second time […]

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GM Events Venue for Intimate Weddings and Gatherings // Featured Supplier

After several successful years providing wedding and event coordination services, “Getting Married” (headed by power couple Peter & Kuchie Zaldarriaga) literally opened its doors to accommodate events under its own roof. The GM Events Venue is a two-floor establishment that’s perfect for intimate weddings, gatherings, and celebrations. Located in the heart of Makati, interested parties can rent just one floor, or both, […]

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