See You At My Debut!

First set up impression lasts! Make your debut one for the books with the best tables, chairs, and decorations you can ever find. Get some ideas for your special birthday here. Winter Wonderland. Be the Ice Princess in your own party. Turn your 18th birthday to a cold but heartwarming event when snowflakes fill the […]

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I Will Be Still, Know You are God

Our main office had been greatly affected by typhoon Glenda and the Metro Manila wide blackout starting Wednesday. Our generators can only last so long, and to date, electricity has not yet been fully restored in the country. And while the sun is now shining brightly as I type this, I’m sure we’ve all the news that another tropical depression, Henry, […]

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Happy Mothers’ Day!

Often we categorise mothers as Working Moms or Stay-at-Home Moms, but I want to think that being a “full-time Mom” transcends their choice to stay at home or work outside the home. For me and my brothers, we’ve witnessed a bit of both. Growing up, we’ve always seen our Mom as a successful business woman, working very […]

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