Real Weddings: Manuel & Mariz’ Elegant and Whimsical Wedding

Manuel and Mariz worked at a bank. He’s a 7-year veteran banker while she’s a new employee still trying to get her way around. First sight of her already spiked his interest, after which he started sending her text messages, dropping by her work station to give her chocolates, and waiting for her to finish work at the end of the day. No need […]

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Real Weddings: PJ and Joane’s Unique (and High Tech!) Wedding, 11 Years in the Making

High school sweethearts turned college lovers turned husband and wife—that’s Philip and Joane’s story in a nutshell, their 11-year old relationship happily ending right at the altar. The love birds practically grew up together, and with PJ being an IT professional with a knack for techie stuff, they picked a unique and playful theme: Gaming and Gadgets. Joane appears to have […]

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Real Weddings: Jason and Katherine’s Rustic, Jack Daniels Themed Wedding

When we asked Jason and Katherine about their love story, all they could say was that they met in law school through a common friend. I guess we can all just try to imagine how a love story between two lawyers is like. ;) Both government lawyers with demanding schedule, Jason and Katherine share many things in common and were naturally drawn […]

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