When I Get Married, These 5 Songs Will be in my Wedding Playlist

First of all, I’m not getting married yet, at least not soon, so please, NO TEASING. Second of all, hello, I’m Josiah, and I was tasked by my sister to blog here today. Don’t worry, she didn’t have to pull my arm and leg, there were no creatures harmed in the making of this blog post. In fact, it got me excited, the idea of myself becoming a “blogger” (dream come true, LOL, kidding). Mostly, I just love talking about music and discovering new songs.

Besides, it’s the weekend! It’s the time of the week when we can set aside work stuff, breathe, listen to music, and talk about things that we love.

So. That said, let’s talk about wedding playlists. (Dun-dun!)

Wedding Playlist 01

If I ever get married, I’m pretty sure I would spend a lot of time thinking about the songs that would be played on that special day. I think someone’s choice of music says a lot about that person’s story, and surely this principle applies to couples and weddings, too.

Often, the wedding playlist is the last item to be ticked off in the wedding checklist. Many couples set aside this item for later in favor of other seemingly more important wedding details. I honestly think this shouldn’t be the case. I think the wedding playlist should be given more careful thought, especially since music can totally set the mood and add personality to your event. Read More »When I Get Married, These 5 Songs Will be in my Wedding Playlist

5 Must-Read Books for Married Couples, and Soon-to-be Married

No matter how young or how old you are, and what phase in life you’re in, you need to set aside some time to read a book. And I mean a real book with real pages! ;)

There’s so much noise in the internet these days (or am I just getting old?) that we have to intentionally step away from our gadgets, retreat to a quiet coffee shop or our favorite reading spot at home, and zone out in the pages of a book.

JDVThat’s my Mom’s beauty regimen lately. When we can’t find JDV (colleagues and employees call her by her initials) anywhere in her office or in the kitchen experimenting with recipes, I know exactly where to look: in her little reading nook by our garden, holding a book in her hand.

(Photo: Yes, that’s where to find her.)

Josiah’s Ministry to Married Couples

Reading books doesn’t only relax my Mom, it’s also her source of inspiration and encouragement, especially in our line of business.

The thing is, Josiah’s Catering is not just a catering business or a wedding industry supplier. Essentially, this business has grown because of my Mom & Dad’s heart for couples, relationships, and families. We’re committed to making beautiful weddings happen, but at the core of that commitment is our desire for couples to start their journey right in this married life.

Often I would hear my Mom and my Dad giving advise to couples–to put God in the center of their relationship, and to always love and respect one another in obedience to God. And I know that both my Mom and Dad have a wealth of knowledge in this area because of their own experiences, and because of their desire to keep reading and learning. Read More »5 Must-Read Books for Married Couples, and Soon-to-be Married